An Arts-Rich School Curriculum Paints a Bright Picture For Students

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Jessica Lily, a performing arts teacher in Western Australia, wants schools to make the arts a powerful catalyst for educational reform using artistic creative expression that will enrich students’ knowledge and abilities.

“Acting is about representing the human condition and telling stories that are meaningful,” she says.

Pickled Prozak – Comedy Series

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Leap into a worm-hole of frenzied fantasy, filled with an unfathomable array of peculiar characters …and prepare to land in the hyper-coloured ball pit that is Pickled Prozak.

Her Creature

Perth Filmmaker

The trailer for HER CREATURE, a film that I wrote, acted and co-directed is coming soon.

Crown of Flowers

This locally produced short film is about a mother and her young child fleeing from an attacker. I played the role of the mother.