freelance Director and Filmmaker

In Melbourne Jessica Lily completed a Production Internship at RMITV Studios. She was then employed as a Director and Actor at Orion Studios.  She later went on to produce her own online comedy ‘Pickled Prozak’ a TV series with an AFI award winning Director attached as well as acting alongside some of Melbourne’s best-known comedians.

Jessica Lily just finished shooting an edgy black comedy called ‘Her Creature’ in which she wrote, produced, acted and co-directed.  She is currently in pre-production writing another short called ‘Off the Grid’ as well as collaborating on another project, a satirical comedy that is set to be shot at the end of the year.

She is passionate about telling stories that represent the human condition, she puts great emphasis on the importance of telling meaningful stories that will hopefully make a difference. She likes to be involved in every aspect of the creation of a film, she feels every component is important to the overall vison and meaning that we convey to the audience.

Jessica Lily was nominated for ‘best actress’ in her lead role on the award winning short ‘Crown of Flowers’. Some of her other credentials include network production Canal Road, TVC’s for QBE Insurance and Bankwest, Verity in the Feature Film Spectrum and she also acted in George Millers Norma at His Majesty’s Theatre. One of her highlights was meeting Quentin Tarantino at the Night Cat in Melbourne.

Jessica Lily is driven and passionate about telling compelling stories and representing the human condition in its most organic form. Her open mind and down to earth approach as well as her commitment to continuously develop her craft and film making skills, allows her to be an ideal team player, where exploration can be freely discovered.

 ‘Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.’ Sanford Meisner

Production CV JL  (Download Word doc)